Commercial Inspections

How is a Commercial Inspection different from a Home Inspection?

A commercial inspection is different from a home inspection in several fundamental ways:

1. Commercial buildings are not “large homes”, they’re built differently.

2. Homeowners and commercial clients have different priorities, it’s all about the bottom line, “what will this building cost to manage?”

3. Often, the inspector will bring specialists, especially for larger buildings.  Elevator specialist, structural specialist, commercial roofing specialist, to name a few.

Why annual commercial inspections are important


Document your property's condition: Documentation is essential when protecting yourself and your property from potential legal issues.


Protect your investment: Annual commercial inspections will allow you to check on the condition of your property and will allow you to catch damage to the building in the early stages and save you time and money in the process.


Make informed decisions: Make informed decisions about your investment by evaluating pros and cons highlighted within a commercial inspection.


Keep up to date with building codes: Building codes change regularly. Not only do these codes change, but the condition of the building may change to a point where it is no longer up to par with the existing regulations.

What do commercial inspectors check?

A commercial property inspection can include:


Shingles, roofing steel, flashing


Siding, brick, other finishes


Drywall, doors, windows, flooring


Wiring materials, quality of installation


Pipe materials, leaks, seepage


Age and condition of furnaces


Age and condition of AC system


 Evidence of structural movement or failure


 Quantity and quality

rooftop of a commercial building

Kingfisher Added Value


Detailed Reports

All Kingfisher Commercial Inspection services include a detailed written report of findings that describes the condition of the building at the time of inspection. All reports include high resolution digital photographs of the findings. All reports are delivered online as a PDF.


Infrared Thermography

At Kingfisher, we are proud to utilize infrared thermographic technology to provide added insight to your commercial inspection at no extra cost. With the ability to identify moisture issues or insulation deficiencies, a commercial inspector certified in infrared technology can give added value to your home inspection.

How much does a Commercial Inspection cost?

Pricing is by quotation, since the scope of work can vary so widely.

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